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🤔 How it works ❓

How are prices calculated?

All prices and predictions are based on the different exchanges in order to have a bigger range of pairs.

You can check the list of exchanges used for each pair here .

When does the new day start?

Everything is calculated based on UTC Time. UTC Time.

What price are you predicting against?

You are trying to predict the High price for a given day for a given coin.

For example. The 2018-01-01 High Price of BTC-EUR is calculated in the time range of 00:00:00 till 23:59:59

Can I place infinite predictions?

Although we do not limit the amount of predictions, only 1 bet will be taken into account for a value pair for a specific day.

For example. If 10 bets are made for 2018-01-01 BTC-EUR only the last one will be used.

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